Havanna Talks: Hope or Caution

Since making the decision to increase U.S. and Cuban relations, there have been many things that have needed to be discussed. These Havana talks will begin this week on Wednesday and Thursday with a full agenda. Now, this is going to be interesting because there have been many things that have been closed off between U.S. citizens and Cubans such as the embassy, U.S. goods, migration, etc. But, there is hope that with these talks that it will open up a nice future between the U.S. and Cuba. Yet, I would take a side of caution because even if these conversations start, there is potential that in the midst of this large agenda, there is room for error. This is a big time for all citizens involved Cuban and U.S. alike. In the article below, it shows my caution because it would make sense for any person to show caution as two countries who have been distant yet connected try to become completely open to each other. This is much to take in and as I would offer hope, I would still not get too hopeful until all of the certain issues stated are resolved. http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/world/2015/01/18/us-cuba-meetings-relations/21868865/


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