Argentina. Just damn…

Argentina’s president Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner seemingly has lost control.

She’s certainly lost control of the narrative surrounding the death of the special investigating prosecutor Alberto Nisman. Simply put, she is getting pilloried in the press.

I wrote previously that her presidency was crumbling due to her spasmodic public statements – via social media – regarding how Nisman died – suicide, induced suicide, or murder.

Now, the journalist (Damián Pachter) who first broke the news of Nisman’s death has fled Argentina, fearing for his life and asserting his phone and email account are compromised. As if the president’s pronouncements weren’t enough, her press office decided to publish Pachter’s flight itinerary:


First, the revelation, which was first published by the official news agency Telam, contravenes Argentine privacy laws.

Second, it defies common sense. Seriously, how could this be viewed as a good idea? What was the process? And, how does this help tamp down public indignation targeting Cristina and her government?

Now, the pile on begins. La Nación – the venerable daily – excoriated the manner in which the Casa Rosada has politicized its social media outlets. Congresswoman Elisa Carrió went on television yesterday saying the administration has links to terrorism – citing some old-time Montonero’s in the current government who apparently trained in Beirut during the 1960s. She also accused the government of being run by a mafia of sorts. This latter characterization has been building for some time now.

And all of this does nothing to settle what actually happen last Sunday in Puerto Madero.

Argentines’ faith in its public institutions is yet again at a tipping point.

How the investigation proceeds and the conclusions its reaches will go a long way in exacerbating or quelling public anger. Equally important will be whether or not Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner will act in a presidential manner.

Neither are sure things.

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