Cartels and Technology

In a recent incident, an unknown cartel attempted to transport drugs across the US boarder between Mexico and California. This represents a growing trend of the adoption of technology to improve the successful transportation of illegal narcotics into the US. However, the drone crashed in a parking lot and was recovered my DEA and Boarder Patrol agents. They stated that this was not a major issue because it is more cost effective for the cartels to use other methods that can carry larger loads. However, this does raise the concern of cartels using the drones to do reconnaissance on agents and their patrols. Another point raised is a possible ambush of officers.

With many new methods of transportation and new technologies arising, it is difficult for the enforcement agencies to keep up with the changes. This one is not as great of a concern because of the cost/benefit portion of the equation for the cartels.This was not the first time this method has been used and it certainly will not be the last. As the cartels become more tactful and new methods are developed, the war on drugs will continue to thrive and be at the center of US relations with Mexico and other Latin American nations with active cartels.

Read the full article about the drone incident from Time here

-Aaron McKim


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