Landmark US-Cuba talks end in ‘positive’ atmosphere

The initial talks between the U.S. and Cuba have ended on a good note.  While the tension between the two nations will undoubtedly continue to exist well into the near future, and likely beyond, the simple fact that talks have happened and that they ended positively is a good sign for both of the nations and peoples.

“She [Josefina Vidal] said she expected a new meeting to be scheduled in the coming weeks ahead of April’s Summit of the Americas, which President Obama and President Castro are expected to attend.”  Ms. Vidal is the Cuban Foreign Ministry director for North America, the counterpart to the U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for the Western Hemisphere, Roberta Jacobson.  Ms. Jacobson “defined the conversations as ‘positive and productive'”

Should both leaders attend the next series of talks, it wold be a boon that could potentially open more doors that have been sealed for half a century.  It is exciting to hear the news of improved U.S. Cuban relations considering the the history between the two nations in the last 60 years.  One is left wondering if this can be used as an example across the world for improved relations.



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