American Immigration into Latin America.

For years, Americans have heard only of the immigration of Latin Americans into the United States. It would appear, however, that a new trend of Americans heading South is becoming increasingly prominent. According to an article by Fox News, found here, more and more Americans, especially retirees, are moving to Latin American countries. There are many obvious benefits to living in Latin America rather than the United States: the warmer climate, the lower cost of living, and most countries provide better health care coverage than that found here at home. The Caribbean, Costa Rica, and Ecuador, which was ranked as the best place to retire in the entire world, are drawing more and more American citizens. Of course, these are not large enough numbers of people to cause a disturbance here in the States. Almost all of the people leaving the country to seek refuge in our Latin American neighbors’ borders are retirees. Although these countries generally offer less economic opportunities than the United States and would therefore be a fairly poor choice for a working citizen to reside in, these obvious benefits may want to remain in the back of peoples’ minds when they are thinking of a place to retire to in the future.

Posted by: Nick Davis


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