Article Review: “How will Cuba get off the state-sponsored terrorism list?”

Cuba, along with Sudan, Iran, and Syria, is on the US state department’s list of countries that “have repeatedly provided support for acts of international terrorism.”  It appears that this is the most pressing issue in the eyes of the Cuban government.  They greatly desire to be taken off this list, describing their inclusion on this list (of which they have been on since 1982) as unfounded.

It would seem contradictory of the US to have embassies in, and positive relations with, a country that they claim sponsors terrorism, so this issue makes sense to address.  BBC states that President Obama can take Cuba off of the list simply with an executive order.  Cuba’s inclusion on the list was meaningless anyways, since the existing embargo was already punishing them economically.  The issue seems to be one of pride and (now) contradiction, so it would only serve as a ceremonial achievement and a symbol for these two countries actually trying to create a brighter relationship.

Posted by Tyler Lee

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