Cuba and the U.S Working Together? What?

The drug trade is “starting to move back into the Caribbean, and I think that is a call to arms. We need to work with the Cubans in a far greater capacity,” said Mike Vigil, a former director of international operations at the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration. This article from the Washington Post explains how now that the U.S has lifted its embargo with Cuba, our relationship is rapidly improving. According to U.S counternarcotics over 100,000 people in Mexico have died due to drug related violence in just the past eight years. Causing the popular belief that neighboring Latin American nations tend to be unsuccessful in combatting drug trafficking in the area. However, Cuba has become one of the U.S’ most powerful ally in reference to opposing narcotics. Traffickers tend to avoid  Cuba, as they are not a very big consumer, producer or even part of the transit, which leads to the ally with the U.S. in terms of drug enforcement issues.

-Andrea Shek


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