AT&T to Buy Nextel Mexico for… 1.9 Billion

Since November, US telecommunications powerhouse, AT&T, has been spending billions of dollars in purchases in Mexico. In November, AT&T purchased Iusacell for 2.5 billion, and now has its eyes set on Nextel Mexico.

It appears as if AT&T is trying to move international. I am curious to see if Verizon, Sprint, or any other major US telecommunications company will follow the lead of AT&T and seek an international footprint.

Other than the financial/economical aspect of this deal in regards to Mexico, I am curious if it will have a cultural impact at all. Will AT&T stores begin opening up in Mexico, or will the company remain the same, just new owners..

AT&T has not outright commented (as far as I have read, correct me in the comments if known) on why they are seeking to go international, other than “AT&T has made it clear that international expansion has become one of its top priorities.” Many questions begin circling in my mind as to this decision. Is AT&T losing customers in the US and needs to seek out more? Does AT&T have a an unknown plan as to what they’re going to do once they have officially acquired Nextel Mexico? And… Why a Mexican company? Perhaps because Mexico is our Neighbor to the South, but more than likely because “the American company has been emboldened by recent moves by the Mexican government to open up the country’s telecom market to new competition and investment by foreigners.” Nevertheless, an interesting acquisition. I wonder if Verizon or Sprint placed bids on acquiring the company as well, or if AT&T said, “NO! mine!.”

Perhaps the BIGGEST question of all though… will AT&T add Mexico on to their 4G LTE map…

LTE_map_large_verge_medium_landscapeZach L.


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