A Dip in the Icy Relations – Cuba, The U.S., and Guantanamo Bay

This roller-coaster of a relationship between Cuba and the United States just took a huge, stomach-dropping dip as U.S. officials rejected Castro’s demand for the return of control over Guantanamo Bay to Cuba.

When newspapers first announced the decision to initiate a discussion between the U.S. and Cuba back in December 2014, both sides expressed an eagerness to work out the kinks. However, President Obama of the U.S. has drawn the line on what he is willing to do to ameliorate this relationship.

On Wednesday, Castro demanded the return of the land on which Guantanamo Bay sits in addition to lifting the trade embargo and removing Cuba from the terror list. On Thursday, the U.S. responded by refusing to return the land, but admitting their plan to remove the prison located there. A response to the other two demands is yet to come.


Posted by Marguerite France


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