The Bluesy Ambassador

It is generally very east to only see the bad in the relations between the U.S. and Latin America, a history heavy with imperialism and hatred. However, in Ecuador, there is a light-hearted story that deserves attention. Relations between Ecuador and the U.S. have not been a high point over the last decades. The last U.S. ambassador sent to Ecuador was exiled after angering President Rafael Correa. Along with the ambassador all military advisors and aid workers were sent out as well. But currently, the new ambassador, Adam Namm, is working to smooth over those relations in an unconventional manner. He plays keyboard in a blues band called Samay Blues Band on weekend nights in Ecuadorian bars. Namm’s view on the situation is that by showing a human side to him. He wants to break the common view of Americans as cold-hearted imperialists. The situation is bad enough currently that Namm has not yet met with the president.

Posted by Phillip Wrench


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