Increased Safety, Decreased Violence?

Supposedly the influence and prevalence of cartels has decreased in recent years according to the Mexican government. However, this does not seem to be the case. In a recent attack on police near the Texas boarder near a small town called Miguel Aleman. The cartel ambushed a police convoy running errands. The Tamaulipas State Police Officers were suddenly shot at and one was killed in the fire exchange as well as two other officers wounded. The casualties on the side of the cartel were similar. They experienced one casualty and wounded two as well.

This incident brings into question the validity of the safety claims of the Mexican government. How can the conditions for safety in the country be better if for one, the police are traveling in a convoy to run errands, and two why would there be an attack if it was safer. The picture listed with this article also is a telling sign of the “safety” of the country. It depicts two military style vehicles with a gun mounted turret atop on with police in full body armor and helmets holding automatic weapons. I think that the government is trying to offer a ploy to garner favor with the United States.

Read the full article here

-Aaron McKim


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