Mexico says ‘NO’ to Chinese Dragon Mart

Artistic renditions of the cancelled Dragon Mart.

Artistic renditions of the cancelled Dragon Mart.

A week ago Mexican authorities ordered the total closure of the multi-million dollar Dragon Mart, a Chinese mega-mall that would be located just south of Cancun.

Development of Dragon Mart began back in 2013. The mall was going to span nearly 1,400 acres and be a major outlet for Chinese goods–some Mexican industrialists estimate that the mall would have been worth $2 billion annually.

One of the biggest reasons for the mall’s closure was the damage it was causing to the environment. Guillermo Haro, the federal prosecutor who’s bringing the case against the developers, said that the activities of the developers “have deteriorated, impacted and damaged conditions of ecological balance, forest ecosystem and biodiversity of the zone.” The total sum of charges he’s bringing against them amounts to $1.5 million dollars.

The decision to close down Dragon Mart has received a lot of praise from Mexican environmentalists as well as proponents of the domestic market. It has been viewed as a stand against unconscientious business practices, showing that the Mexico has standards for foreign investors and isn’t afraid to ‘slay the dragon’ when necessary.

Posted by: Hunter Carter


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