Possible Speed-Bump in U.S. and Venezuelan Relations

Venezuela is going through a very rough time. It’s oil-dependent economy has all but kicked the bucket as of late, and according to Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro, certain nations are looking to take advantage of this. Maduro has recently accused Joe Biden of attempting to overthrow his regime in Venezuela. According to Madro, Biden specifically told Caribbean political leaders that “the Venezuelan government’s days [are] numbered and it [is] time they abandon their support”. Of course, Biden has denied these allegations, and the United States has even issued a statement claiming that Madro’s accusations are completely false. Biden’s office has declared that this fable is simply an effort by the socialist leader to take the world’s attention off of his blatant disregard of the human rights of his own citizens. This comes just a month after these two men met in Brazil in an effort to improve the very fragile relationship between the United States and Venezuela. It is unclear how big of an impact this will have, but if the leaders of these two countries continue to bicker, it may be years before there is any improvement in U.S. and Venezuelan relations.

Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro (left) and Vice President Joe Biden (right)


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