Alberto Nisman Case

The case was like something out of a conspiracy theory in a work of fiction. In 1994, a Jewish center in Buenos Aires, Argentina, was bombed. The casualties: 85 people. The perpetrators: Iranian terrorists. The protagonist: Alberto Nisman, who was charged with investigating and bringing to justice those responsible. For twenty years, he has attempted to do just that. Then, a true shocker: Nisman discovered that former first lady and current President of Argentina, Cristina Fernandez, helped cover up the the attack and protect the perpetrators. Recently, the plot thickened even more. Hours before he was to testify before Congress in order to bring his proof against Fernandez, Alberto Nisman was found dead in his apartment, with a single bullet hole to the head. The manner of death: inconclusive. Some say murder; others say suicide. Still others believe it was both; that is, Nisman discharged the bullet into his head but did so under threats from Fernandez’s minions. Now, BBC reports, in the article linked below, that not only did Nisman have a case built against the President, but he had also drafted a warrant for her arrest. His death was what had stood between Fernandez and incarceration. As the cover-up grows, the web of lies and crime expands, as well. Eighty five people dead in 1994, and the man who could have brought them justice is dead. How will the Argentine people themselves react to this conspiracy and corruption? That remains to be seen as the plot, once again, ventures into the dark and grotesque.

Nelly Dimov


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