Article Review: “Deported Central America child migrants face threats, death at home: U.N.”

Interestingly enough, the issue in this article is less of explaining why the children are facing death at home, and more of how the US should handle these children when they flee.  Sixty percent of these children claim to be fleeing from Guatemala and Honduras because they fear for their own lives due to local gang violence.  If caught by US/Mexico border officials, or in Mexico while fleeing towards the border, these kids are forced to return home.

The big issue is that the officials that find these kids are not interviewing them, and therefore not giving the kids a chance to explain the nature of why they are fleeing.  If these kids are fleeing for reasonable reasons, such as for fear of dying at home, then they are technically refugees, and the US should allow them into the country.

The only real solution the US is attempting is using more money to tackle poverty issues within these regions, go figure.

Posted by Tyler Lee

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