Will there be a Nicaragua Canal?

Branching off of not only the theme of the week being Invasions in Latin American countries such as Nicaragua but also referring to “projects” done not by the citizens of said country but instead by foreigners, this article http://www.washingtonpost.com/world/the_americas/can-a-chinese-billionaire-build-a-canal-across-nicaragua/2015/02/03/e9cf3482-9aa5-11e4-86a3-1b56f64925f6_story.html from the Washington Post asks a very good and relevant question- Will there be a Canal across Nicaragua? Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega granted Wang Jing a Chinese Billionaire the fifty year concession in return for the building of the Nicaraguan Canal. This concession will not only give China a great deal of revenue and profit but will leave Nicaragua with little to none; about $10 million per year. Nicaragua’s workforce i.e. farmers that work along the proposed canal route believe that this project is highly dangerous to the Nicaraguan economy which just so happens to be the second poorest country in the Americas. While Nicaraguan government officials believe that the canal just might revolutionize it’s economy. The comparison as of now to the Panama Canal is that the Nicaraguan Canal will be about three times longer and would commodity much larger ships. But with this canal comes several more projects including; new roads, bridges, power plants and even an airport. Already the Nicaraguan people are beginning to oppose this project by having organized protests along the rout and marches which have resulted in the police force taking action, which provides a link to Alan McPherson’s- The Invaded.

Written by Andrea Shek


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