Abandoned Crematorium in Mexico

Death tolls in Mexico continue to rise as officials discovered approximately 60 bodies in an abandoned crematorium Thursday, February 5.

All efforts are working towards identification of the bodies and reaching out to local funeral homes in an attempt to understand how the bodies ended up fully embalmed, yet wrapped up in plastic to decompose. While some assume the bodies are the remains left behind after the crematorium went bankrupt and closed, some fear that the location is actually serving as a body dump for criminals. Still others wonder if these identities will lead to the violence that broke out last year, including the disappearance of 43 students.

Unfortunately, this tragedy is only one of many, including the gruesome discovery of several mass graves that are filled with countless people still yet to be identified and given peace.

The people of Mexico demand answers, and refuse to be placated by the government’s promises to solve the problem.


Posted by Marguerite France


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