Russia Making a Push for Latin America?

To the surprise of few, Vladimir Putin recently tried to expand Russia’s reach in the world yet again. However,  instead of extending into former members of the Soviet Union, Russia has now targeted countries in the Western Hemisphere. In addition to sending an increasing number of naval ships and aircraft, the country has also stated its intent to establish military bases in multiple nations, including Cuba and Nicaragua. While some are concerned about the recent acts, experts believe that the economically-troubled Russia lacks the resources to commit any acts of aggression. It’s interesting that as the United States has began scaling back its military presence in Latin America, other countries have began moving in; China, Iran, and Russia have recently explored the idea of establishing bases in many Latin American countries. Whether a direct threat or not, it will be interesting to see how the United States will react to the potential military presence of Russia in Cuba, as that situation has only produced positive results in the past.


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