Dirty water in Rio, problematic for 2016 Olympics

“Last month government officials stated they would miss their target of an 80% reduction in water pollution by the start of the Olympics next August.”  Illegal dumping is a problem as 48% of the sewage in Guanabara Bay is untreated.  “Last year, International Olympic Committee (IOC) vice-president John Coates claimed Rio was the “worst” prepared host city he had ever seen.”  “People ask ‘why don’t we moved the venue?’. If we don’t clean the bay now then it never will be and this is a legacy commitment to Rio,” he [Mario Andrada] said.  It matters little if one likes the Olympics in this case.  What does matter is that the Olympics is giving Rio a chance to clean the Guanabara Bay with the reward being the Olympic games and the money that will come in with it.  At heart, I am an environmentalist, so for me this is a good thing.  However, I am left wondering about the flip side.  During the preparation 2014 World Cup, Brazil put forth an effort to clean up, but they didn’t solve their problems.  I wonder if the Olympic games will be the same.




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