Safety over Fame: Reporting on the Cartels

In some parts of Mexico it is extremely dangerous to report on the actions of the drug cartels. If they do not wish to have their business discussed in the local papers which could possibly make its way to the main stream world media. The cartels have a way of persuading the reporters from publishing any articles or stories that they do not want published. Threats against the lives of these journalists have been made and in some instances executed.

However, in Tamaulipas Mexico for the past four years an anonymous person has been reporting on the activities of the cartels in this media bairn portion of the country. They have reported many things that the cartels are involved in. They report alleged abductions, rode blocks, shootouts, and they are updated in real time. This is due in part to the support of citizen groups who are growing tired of the cartels control in the area.

This blog is giving citizens a voice in the fight against the cartels. Though it is still somewhat dangerous, the information about the cartels and what they are actually doing is getting out. The hope is that the authorities (who are not among the corrupt) will take this information and apply it to capture the cartels and diminish their hold over the lives of the people.

Read the full article here

-Aaron McKim


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