Social Media Protests on Animal Cruelty

There have been several cases of animal cruelty in Latin America.  In the article from News Discovery discusses how one man tried to run over a dog over and over again in retaliation to something the dog did wrong.  Some very upset activists have risen up and started protesting these actions on Twitter and Facebook.  These protests have even flowed over from social media and actually into the streets of the countries of Honduras, Mexico, Colombia, Costa Rica, Peru and Uruguay.  They want laws put into place to protect the animals from such cruelty.

I have friends from Brazil who tell me about all the dogs in the country.  To be quite honest, I normally do not pay attention to animal activists.  Not because I do not care about animals, but because there just seems to be much more important things to worry about.  But as I was researching and studying what article to talk about I chose this because it is a break from the typical every day news.  And just because it is not that important to me does not mean that it isn’t important to someone else.

The question now is are these laws for animal cruelty going to be made and are they going to be enforced?  The concern in many countries is that the laws will be made to satisfy the demonstrators, but no punishment will be put on the torturers.


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