A Failed Attempt at Humor by Argentine President Cristina Kirchner

It is a rough time in Argentina. Their President,Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, has been been accused of covering up an Iranian terrorist attack in the country from 1994. To make matters worse, she is now being questioned in the mysterious “suicide” of the lead prosecutor of that case as many believe she had some form of involvement in that incident. Also, the Argentine economy is falling apart. President Kirchner visited China recently to try and convince Chinese President Xi Jinping to invest in Argentina’s failing economy. Usually when a diplomat is begging for help, it is not a good idea to publicly offend the entire race of those you are talking with. While on her trip, President Kirchner sent out a tweet mocking the Chinese accent by replacing certain letters in a very stereotypical manner. Not only were these comments considered racist, but they occurred while the Argentine President was on Chinese soil lobbying for China’s economic assistance. No Chinese official has commented on these remarks yet, but this will have to play a role in their negotiations. With her recent racial remarks and shady activity, it will be a miracle if President Kirchner is able to find help for her country anywhere.


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