Demanding Return of American Criminals

Last week in the sun-sentinel, an article about the demand of criminals returning to the United States.  This week, the results are in.  The criminals that have made their escape to Cuba have also caused millions of dollars to disappear from businesses and tax payers in the United States.  Cuba keeping United States criminals have the United States government on their seats with anticipation of if this could be a way for fraud to take place.    Many criminals have fled to Cuba and one source states that getting the criminals out of Cuba would be like getting criminals off of Mars.  However,  the article says that opening the case of harboring criminals in Cuba and loss of American money, Cuba will compensate and give the United States their money back, but this will also allow for reforms in Cuba (politically and economically) and also allow the United States to apply more pressure to this new regime. Allowing the United States the ability to pressure the new regime may cause more frustrations and more reforms to come.  If the United States is able to have more presence on the island and access to the island, businesses will be able to be returned and cooperation from both sides will be needed.


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