Article Review: “Argentine Prosecutor’s Death Part Of Attempted Coup D’Etat To Restore Neoliberal Conservatism, Official Claims”

Gustavo Lopez, a senior Argentine government official, is convinced that the death of Alberto Nisman was part of an attempt to smear the name of President Kirchner.  The idea is, if the person claiming that Kirchner had something to do with the 1994 bombings is found dead, who would the public naturally think to blame?

Lopez claims that the political opposition to Kirchner is actually responsible for this mess, and it is all in an attempt to sway votes their way.  If no one can prove that Kirchner had nothing to do with Nisman’s death in time, then when Argentine citizens step into the voting booth, this issue might sit at the back of their minds.

Do they vote for Kirchner, knowing she might have had someone murdered in an attempt to hide a dirty secret from her past? Or do they vote for the promises of the opposition?

This is Lopez’s exact point.  This murder, in his eyes, was intended to create doubt about Kirchner, just in time for election-season.

The election for the next Argentinian President is this October. Now this is getting interesting.

Posted by Tyler Lee

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