Colombian FARC Rebels Ask Miss Universe to Attend Peace Talks

For Latin America this year, beauty pageants been less than typical. Back in November, Miss Honduras, Marie Jose Alvarado was found mysteriously dead along with her sister, Sofia, and others. This murder occurred not long before Miss Honduras was to compete in the Miss World pageant in London. Since then, this murder has been solved, and was found to have been her sister, Sofia’s boyfriend along with an accomplice who committed these heinous acts. Full story can be found here


But, this has not been the only Latin American beauty queen in the news lately…

In the previous Miss Universe competition (which I found out is different than the Miss World competition…) Miss Colombia, Paulina Vega, was crowned the new Miss Universe.


Now, in Colombia there has been a 50 year battle between FARC rebels and the Colombia government. Interestingly, Paulina was invited to attend peace talks between the FARC rebels and the Colombian government, in hopes of ending the 50 years of violence. It is not a complete mystery as to why Miss Colombia was invited to the peace talks, as she had offered in the past to attend peace talks located in Cuba.

While this is a vastly different reason for a Latin American beauty queen being in the news, it is still incredibly important. Beauty queens are aimed at being a “cultural example” of the people of the country she is representing. Though arguable, I find this to be relatively true. Perhaps Miss Colombia will bring the cultural side of the violence between the FARC rebels and the Colombian government to the discussion. Nevertheless, I commend Miss Colombia for stepping up to the plate and offering to attend these peace talks in hope of bring less violence to her country, and I am curious as how her appearance will impact the talks.



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