Attempted coup in Venezuela? Is Maduro on his last leg?

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro claims that the Venezuelan government has uncovered and foiled “a U.S.-backed coup plot that included plans to attack the presidential palace with a military jet.” [] I would like to point to what I had written last week in “Is Venezuela on its last leg?” that the Venezuelan people are upset with the current situation which has been caused by the drop in oil prices due to the Venezuelan government’s dependence on exporting oil to fund itself. The United States did place some sanctions on individuals accused of human rights crimes. President Maduro had already accused the United States of plotting against him when he closed the U.S. embassy in Venezuela. These accusations come at the anniversary of the demonstrations that rocked Venezuela last year so perhaps this is a way in which President Maduro is trying, and failing, to get the public to focus on the United States instead of his failing government and terrible conditions in Venezuela. Perhaps it is Maduro that is on his last leg as the people grow more and more unhappy with the current conditions.



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