Latin American Women’s shelter closed in North London

In North London there has been a shelter for abused Latino Women for almost 30 years.  These women have been escaping not only domestic violence, but also racism and discrimination from the community.  A lady quoted in the article talks about how in the community, Latin American women are seen as agressive because they talk with their hands   and speak loudly to get their point across when in all reality it is their culture.

The Women’s shelter last November was notified that it would no longer have any funding from the community by early April of this year.  The shelter has done everything it can to continue keeping it’s doors open for the women in need.  They have reduce their space to decrease on rent, let people go, and started fundraisers for the shelter.  The people working the shelter have been told that their work does not benefit the people of the community directly so the funds need to be used for other things.


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