Puerto Rico’s Food Paradise Restored

“Once you take agriculture from any country, you can’t sustain yourself-you become dependent.”

This is what Mr. Enrique notes in this article.  Puerto Rico has begun importing all of their produce onto the island.  This makes the country not only dependent, but also it loses its beauty in Enrique’s opinion.  The production of Puerto Rico’s own goods and resources allowed for a middle class to be established.  The growing and selling of produce is good for the economy.  This also allows for maintaining culture as well.

when comparing this article to class, it seems as though one thing Latin American’s do not sit lightly with is being dependent on America or any other country for that matter.  Latin American’s want to pay back their own debt and make their nations work with little or no help from outside resources.  This does differ slightly with Puerto Rico, because it is a territory of the United State’s, but Mr. Enrique believes they can not sustain themselves as a country if they rely on outsourcing.  This all took place after the 1940s postwar.  It makes no sense for Puerto Rico not to have a thriving agricultural life with its climate, people could walk past plants and take the nourishment they needed, but these days people have begun to forget about it.



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