Homosexual Adoption in Colombia

Over the past couple of years the topic of gay marriage has constantly been in the media in the U.S, but recently the topic of gay adoption has been popular as well but not necessarily in the U.S, but in Colombia.

A confession by a young blogger in Colombia has gone viral and has once again raised the question as to why a homosexual couple can not adopt a child. Sebastian Villalobos not only shares his wonderful experience of growing up with not one but two moms but also expresses his annoyance at the fact that a gay couple can not adopt a child and specifically addresses Jose Herrera Vergara, the judge in charge of deciding this sensitive but important issue.

Villalobo’s testimony (above) is a reaction to the opinion of the medical faculty at one of Colombia’s most prestigious universities. ( Universidad de La Sabana) The opinion said was that homosexuality can be deemed as an illness, which in turn has caused much discussion.

The article by BBC can be read http://www.bbc.co.uk/mundo/noticias/2015/02/150218_colombia_debate_adopcion_parejas_mismo_sexo_nc 

Posted by: Andrea Lenna Shek


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