One Month Since Alberto Nisman’s Death

February 18 marks one month since Alberto Nisman was found dead in his apartment. Nisman had just gathered the final information in his investigation of the 1994 bombing of a Jewish center in Buenos Aeries, Argentina. He was found dead hours before he was supposed to present to Congress his findings that Argentina’s president, Christina Fernandez, had been involved in a huge government conspiracy that protected the perpetrators of the 1994 bombing. Subsequent investigations found that, not only was Nisman about to present this information to Congress, he had also filled out a warrant for the arrest of Fernandez. Rumors abounded that Nisman, who had died of a single bullet wound and had been found with the weapon beside his body, was either killed or forced to commit suicide by Fernandez’s minions. Just last week, unidentified and inexplicable DNA was discovered in Nisman’s apartment. Last week, I predicted that distrust in government would grow worse among the people of Argentina as layer after layer is peeled from the conspiracy. This week, crowds filled the streets to remember Nisman and protest his death, which was surely a murder, as well as express outrage at the government cover-up. Nisman was killed so that the corruption (and betrayal) of the administration of Christian Fernandez would not be discovered. As Argentinians remember the man who died in the pursuit of justice, the corruption is at the forefront of political concerns in the country, making all of Fernandez’s efforts worthless. Even in death, Alberto Nisman brought the truth to light and made his people demand justice.


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