Colombians Sentenced to Prison for 2013 Killing of a DEA Agent

In 2013, DEA Special Agent James “Terry” Watson was murdered in Colombia.



Many individuals took part in the conspiring and planning of this agents murder, most of which have already been sentenced to many years in prison after pleading guilty of conspiracy to kidnap, and aiding and abetting the murder.

But, today, two of the key actors were sentenced. Edwin Gerardo Figueroa Sepulveda was sentenced to 30 years in prison for his role, and Wilson Daniel Peralta Bocachica received a 40 month sentence after pleading guilty to obstruction of justice.



The men involved were among a Colombian robbery and kidnapping ring. Reports noted that Watson had left an outing with some of his U.S. Embassy colleagues, and had got into a taxi cab. Unknown to him, two other taxi cabs were following with the assailants inside. When Watson’s cab stopped at a red light, a signal was given, the assailants stormed Watson’s cab, stunned him with a stun gun and stabbed him several times.

One thing I am well aware of is the act of “retaliation” killings in many Latin American nations, in particular, Brazil. Perhaps that was what these men were aiming for. These men may have had some form of connection to the drugs industry in Colombia, and Watson may have caught someone these individuals knew (I am just speculating…), and they felt it was their job to retaliate.



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