Opposition in Venezuela is Not Tolerated

Venezuela made the headlines in many major newspapers this weekend as protesters express their dissatisfaction with yet another arrest ordered by President Nicolas Maduro.

Antonio Ledezma, the mayor of Caracas, was arrested Thursday for allegedly planning a coup. As one of the most well known critics of the current presidency, some can’t even feign surprise at his arrest.

Ledezma is only one in an ongoing list of people arrested on Maduro’s orders. What they all share is a public opinion loudly opposing the government as it currently stands.

While the U.S. fully and vocally opposes Maduro’s actions, many Latin American countries reject even the thought of its involvement in Venezuela.

The U.S. may just have to sit out this round and let the people of Venezuela determine what is best for their country and their people.


Posted. by Marguerite France


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