Rolls Royce & Petrobas: Corruption?

Rolls Royce has been accused by The Financial Times, according to BBC, of bribing Petrobras, an energy company in Brazil, for a contract deal with Petrobras. Petrobas is currently in a case over corruption. “Brazilian federal prosecutors on Friday said they’re seeking $1.55 billion from six construction and engineering companies for their alleged involvement in a massive kickback scheme at state-run oil firm.” [] The six companies being brought to court for these allegations are not named in the Associated Press article linked. Rolls Royce however, denies any allegation of bribery; yet according to BBC “Court documents show that Pedro Barusco, one of the Petrobras informants in the case, received at least $200,000 in bribes from Rolls-Royce, which makes gas turbines for Petrobras oil platforms.”[] Petrobras has a history of corruption and it is not unheard of for a company to bribe for a contract deal however, evidence on Rolls Royce being involved in corrupt acts has not been investigated much that we know of and certainly not ruled upon quite yet.



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