Russia becoming increasingly involved in Latin America

Expanding on a prior post from February 15, more details have emerged from the Russian Minister of Defense’s visit to three Latin American countries two weeks ago. In addition to the increased naval traffic to Nicaragua, Russia will also be conducting military exercises with Nicaragua, Cuba, and Venezuela. Perhaps the biggest concern regarding the new agreements would be the stationing of Russian bombers in these countries; Russia had already made its intentions of routine flights with the aforementioned bombers over the Gulf of Mexico known.  Not only is Russia using Nicaragua, Venezuela, and Cuba has areas to establish bases and storage, but Russia has also been supplying the Venezuelan government with military vehicles and aircraft. With the recent spotting of Russian aircraft near the United Kingdom, the routine flights in the Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean and armoring of Latin American governments will likely heighten worries in the West. While some officials believe that Russia lacks the resources to perform any drastic action, the stage is definitely being set for a major confrontation at some point in the near future.



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