Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner and Nisman

Nisman’s death early this year, President Fernandez has seen a dip in popularity.

“His death, which came just hours before he was due to give details of his findings to a congressional committee, triggered fevered speculation.

Rather than allowing the investigation into Mr Nisman’s death to run its natural, independent course, the president publically criticised and vilified key people in the case, including witnesses and former colleagues of the dead prosecutor.”

The president tried to portray herself the victim of a conspiracy with Nisman’s death, however her attitude toward his family backfired.  Given the nature of politics and the general public’s mistrust of government, it is not hard to see how her actions backfired.  I will admit that this is coming from a U.S. American’s perspective, so it might be biased.  If the president wants to be remembered in a good light after she has left office, she has a great deal of ground to cover and very little time to do it in.



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