Narco Tanks

In the drug war, cartels have implemented a new method in insuring that their members and product stay safe and away from law enforcement and rival cartels. They started creating upgraded cars and trucks. Using steel plates, they created an armor for the vehicles making them massive rolling fortresses. This trend became increasingly popular in 2011. There were a number of garages busted by the authorities busted with these armored vehicles. This is a major concern to law enforcement because these upgrades make it extremely difficult to intercept. They are virtually impenetrable and would require military grade weaponry to disable. However, the cartels have move away from putting the steel on the outside of the cars. Though it was a good idea, they were easily spotted and targeted.

Their operations continue today however. They no longer put the steel plating on the outside of the cars. It is more inconspicuously done by placing it between the paneling. This allows the cartels to use a variety of cars and make it very difficult to tell to anyone that it is actually carrying armor. This brings a great advantage. Just like the drug game, these cartels are not giving up just because law enforcement is on their tails. The authorities continue to bust conversion garages and confiscate vehicles, but the pay off for the larger sale of narcotics is well worth the lost profit as long as their product remains safe and gets to the buyers.

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Aaron McKim


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