Atheism Religion?


In 1970, 92% of Latin Americans identified themselves with the Catholic religion.  That number has decreased significantly in recent years with Atheism at a new high in Latin American countries.  This article ends with a question stating that will Christians be the minority in Latin America before long? I start with that before I lay out the reasons why atheism is at a rise because I want you to think about the shifts going on and why they are going on as you read this.

Many Latin American countries do not have separation of Church and State.  In fact in Chili, children are not to be enrolled in schools until they have submitted their certificate of baptism and a certificate of their parents marriage.  Putting some children at a great disadvantage not even being allowed to go to school. Other movements of Free Thought have been growing in Latin America that have made the Atheist mindset grow. They have fought against certain schools, universities, and organizations that discriminate against those who are not of the Christian religion.

The talk of producing more secular schools and organizations is growing rapidly in Latin American countries.  It is said in this article that the socialist president of Chili is to reform the education into a truly secular school and not a religious based one.  The growth of Free thought has exploded and will continue to explode as Latin Americans continue to grow weary of the legalism placed upon them.

So I say again, will Christians become a minority in Latin America? Will Latin Americans continue to grow weary of the legalism? Or will the majority hang on to the culture of Christianity because it is what they have always known?

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Bethanee La Borg


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