Same-sex Unions Made Legal in Chile

January 28th, 2015, Chilean law makers have finally passed a law that makes same-sex unions mostly legal in Chile.  Mostly legal, meaning that civil unions between the same sex will now be recognized by the country.  Since 1999, Chile has “decriminalized gay sex,” but the hype for recognizing same sex unions really took off after a gay man was killed in 2012.  Since 2012, law makers in Chile have been working on passing this law.  Homosexuals do not have full rights like heterosexual marriages, but with this law homosexuals will be able to inherit their partners property, join their partners healthcare, and even receive pension benefits.  Even better, since the attack in 2012, Chile has passed hate crime laws that should also protect homosexuals.  Only Argentina and Uruguay have passed full marriage for homosexuals, but Chile has moved slightly slower than the rest of South America and is moving in a new direction from is once conservative state.


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