Student Killed during Protests in Venezuela

Medics attend to the wounded 14-year-old Venezuelan student who was supposedly shot by police on Tuesday during a protest.

Dissatisfaction with the economic situation in Venezuela over the last year has caused many residents to take to the streets. Public protests have been a common theme as of late. During one such protest on Tuesday in the city of San Cirstobal, a 14-year-old student was shot in the head and died soon thereafter. Following a brief investigation, it appears to be almost certain that the student was shot by a police officer. This comes only a week after the Venezuelan government issued a policy change to allow law enforcement officials to use deadly force to control protests. This killing has sparked outrage throughout Venezuela as different organizations call for a large-scale, national investigation into such cases of protest-related death. The relatively small demonstration in San Cirstobal has quickly escalated as furious residents took to the streets. Many businesses had to close, public transportation was forced to shut down, and most schools have already canceled class for Wednesday. Interior Relations Minister Carmen Melendez has assured the public that the government would purse the student’s killer as she called for peace throughout the nation. As people continue to take to the streets throughout Venezuela, it appears that peace may be nowhere to be found.

Posted by: Nick Davis


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