Article Review: “Jamaica decriminalises marijuana use”

This is some rather shocking news, given the “Bob Marley” stereotypes of Jamaicans. These people have long been stereotyped as all enjoying smoking marijuana, and now it is officially legal for them to do so. If I had to have guessed, Jamaica would have been my one choice as a country who already had legal marijuana, but I would have been wrong.  The one catch to all of this is that it is only legal to have up to 2oz of marijuana on any one person at any one time, which is pretty reasonable.

What was intriguing to me about this article was the reason for why Jamaica had not done marijuana reforms like this in the past; international un-acceptance of marijuana scared them into keeping it legalized.

Fortunately for Jamaicans, now that the U.S. has begun to legalize marijuana state-by-state, Jamaica has finally decided that the pressure to keep it illegal has relaxed to an accepting degree.

Or at least enough for them to stop caring about what others would think of them anymore.

Posted by Tyler Lee

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