Case Dismissed Against Argentine President

Along with multiple posts that have been related to the topic, Argentina has been in the news quite a bit lately I regards to president Kirchner and Alberto Nisman. Back in 1994 there was a terrorist bombing of a Jewish Center in Argentina, and the lead investigator- Alberto Nisman wrote up a 350 page document accusing the Kirchners of covering up the attack.

Not long ago, Alberto Nisman was found dead in his apartment, raising many new questions. But, as of yesterday, the judge presiding the case dismissed the case against the Argentine president due to lack of evidence. I wish I knew what the 350 page document Nisman put together, who was set to testify in court not long after his death, consisted of, and what evidence there actually was. Nevertheless, the dismissal of the case is probably a massive weight off the Kirchner’s shoulders no matter whether they played a role in the bombing or not.

President Kirchner, who’s presidential term expires in December, is yet to comment on public, or on Twitter (which she is pretty active on) about the case, and/or the judges decision. Whether or not some of the public will still accuse the Kirchner’s of the coverup is yet to be noticed.



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