Why The Media Pays Less Attention To Police Killings Of Latinos: Article Review

Washington Police Shooting

We’ve all heard about police brutality in the cases of Eric Gardner and Michael Brown, two African American youths shot and killed by police whose stories sparked controversy about the justification of their deaths. These boys were on every news station and headlines in dozens of articles, but what you didn’t hear about was Antonio Zambrano-Montes. Antonio was an unarmed Mexican migrant worker who was shot and killed by police officers, February 10th in Pasco, Washington for throwing rocks at officers. Where was the coverage for Antonio’s death?

This article addresses the lack of media coverage of Latin Americans, which is a huge problem in the United States considering the heavy influx of these people in the past few years. If the US wants to stay on good terms with their neighbors, it is important give them representation in media, especially when it comes to stories like this with strong controversy. Representation in media, even to this small extent, is a form of validation and is necessary if the US wants to make any kind of positive relations with the Latin American community.

Posted by: Sophie Terry



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