China Selling Aircraft to Argentina?

With Russia making deals with countries in Central America, China has focused its efforts on procuring a deal with Argentina. Argentina recently tried to purchase military aircraft from a Swedish manufacturer, but England was able to prevent the deal from being finalized. However, Argentina then turned to China and was able get discussions started about the purchase of military fighter jets. While there have been issues with China exporting fighter jets in the past, Argentina is confident that a deal can be reached.This is the most recent in cooperative efforts between Argentina and China; China has been using Argentina to produce helicopters since 2011 and the two countries are partners in regards to space endeavors.

This will no doubt worry England in regards to protecting the Malvinas/Falkland Islands. England currently lacks the ideal equipment to combat any aggression from the Argentinians; England’s current aircraft carriers are not ideal for combat around the islands and a new one will not be made operational until 2017. Further complicating matters is the fact that China supports Argentina in its desire to regain control of the Malvinas Islands.



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