Spring Break and Cartels

As spring break approaches, the authorities are warning those who go to be on guard. This is in response to the massacre of the 43 students last year. There has been increased violence and cartel activity in popular destinations in Mexico for spring breakers. Places such as Cancun and Puerto Vallarta that are considered resort areas are experiencing a spike in crime. It is advised that that students are even more careful if they choose to travel to these locations.

The suggestions that are being offered for those who do travel are to stick to public areas. Take only prearranged transportation and to stay in groups. These once safe spring break locations are being taken over by these Cartels. It is a very sad thing to witness as these were once very prosperous and fun places have turned into the playground for crime and drugs.

The cartels just seem to keep extending their reach into more and more of the Latin American community. This is a sad occurrence because it seems to me as if the cartels are becoming the rulers of countries while the real leaders stand defenseless. The leaders cannot fight off the cartels because they are not financially capable. No matter how hard they try, they are unable to match what the cartels make in profit and invest in their networks and defenses.

Read the full article here

Aaron McKim


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