Culture Day for Missouri School for the Deaf

Marisel Salascruz, instructor with the St. Louis Cultural Flamenco Society, leads a group of students in a flamenco routine Tuesday inside the Missouri School for the Deaf (MSD) during its cultural fair, “Festival de Latinos.”

I found this article and became so excited that it was right in my field that I am interested in! Middle Schoolers and culture! The Missouri School for the Deaf hosted a Latin American culture day.  More than 100 students from the area and six different schools came to participate in activities that taught them about Latin American culture.  They were not only taught the broad Latin American culture, but also the culture of the deaf population of Latin America.  They learned dances and learned how to sign in Latin American languages.

This culture day is an annual activity hosted by the school.  They previously have studied Greek and Chinese culture, but this year was focused on the Latin American culture.  I love when students are encouraged to learn about different cultures. It is something that I want to incorporate in my classroom. However, I want the lesson of different cultures to go beyond just food and dances, but to dig into the day in and day out of a certain people group.  I think it is great that the Missouri School for the Deaf highlights different cultures every year, but can they really highlight the true culture of all the Latin American countries in one day? No.  They could better their education by focusing on one country in Latin America and their culture.  Not every country is the same.  Missouri School for the Deaf is on the right track, but let’s not assume that every country in Latin America is the same.  We do not teach that each state in the United States is the same.  So let’s dig into the culture.  Find out more about a certain people group.  Skype someone from a country.  Have a guest speaker.  Don’t be so broad in culture studies.

By Bethanee La Borg


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