Detailed U.S. Missionaries Return to the States

Relations between the United States and Venezuela have been deteriorating as of late. It all started when the the U.S. slapped new restrictions on Venezuelan government officials. After this, Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro accused Vice President Joe Biden of trying to overthrow him. Since then, tensions have been high between the two. This spilled over last week when four American missionaries where detained by the Venezuelan military. The missionaries had been in Venezuela handing out medicine and hearing aids to needy Venezuelans when they were arrested by soldiers for not having proper work visas. The group claimed that they had never been required to have these documents before. These missionaries, all of which were in their 50’s and 60’s, were taken to a military outpost where they were fingerprinted and photographed. After three days, the group was deported back to the United States which means they can not return for at least two years. It is unknown if this will cause any additional friction between the two countries, but this event is almost certain not to help the situation.

The full article can be found here.

Posted by Nick Davis.


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