Voting Rights for Disabled

In Lima, Peru, there is talk of preventing those citizens with any form of sensory, intellectual, or psychosocial disabilities from being able to vote.  Those people who are intellectually disabled and are unable to take care of themselves are to be seen as unable to make valid voting decisions.  Therefore are not able to vote. Polling stations are even inaccessible to those with disabilities. From what I have gathered from this article is that even those in a wheelchair physically handicapped are unable to vote due to not being able to make it to the second or third floors to reach the polling station, which is ridiculous seeing as the only thing wrong is their legs not their judgement.  Peruvian voting also required that a braille ballots be included, but since 2011 have not been included.  Lack of vision should not add to lack of judgement that could affect the potential voters decision making skills.  Those with psychosocial disabilities, I can see how that could cause for some concern on decision making skills, but I also can see how the idea of being able to vote and have a say in government can add to a sense of normalcy.  It’s a double edge sword, if you give those with mental disabilities the right to vote, the fear would be in that of picking the wrong candidates and that could be bad.  However, if you let those with disabilities vote and not include the votes it can be viewed as almost cruel OR as allowing the idea of voting be good enough to not wound any egos.


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