Article Review: “Ex-Guantanamo detainees struggle in Uruguay”

These were some revealing interviews with former prisoners of Guantanamo Bay, who are now living in Uruguay.  They were welcomed into Uruguay by President Mujica as a humanitarian gesture.

This article was interesting, especially because I expected these men to have a great, vocal distain for the U.S.  While I am sure they do have a great distain for the U.S. still, it seems that their time in Guantanamo was so long and traumatizing that they no longer harbored fierce hatred, but simply clung to a desire to leave and feel freedom again.

It is interesting how harmless these men, who are all alleged terrorists, seemed. A few of them desired to open restaurants in Montevideo, while some spoke about the mental scarring they suffered and how it affects their everyday life.

This made me remember that there are always two sides to every story, and sometimes the other side is worth a look.

Posted by Tyler Lee

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