Prosecutor Challenges Argentina Decision

For those who were shocked by recent developments in the Alberto Nisman case, there may be a glimmer of hope, according to the BBC article linked below. In January, Nisman was found dead in his apartment just hours before he was to testify before the Argentine Congress that a 20-year investigation showed that Argentina’s president, Christina Fernandez, was involved in a cover-up to protect the Iranian perpetrators of the Jewish center bombing in Buenos Aeries in 1994. The government has claimed that it had nothing to do with Nisman’s death, despite the fact that it turned out that he had also filled out a warrant for the arrest of Fernandez. Last week, an Argentine judge came to the conclusion that Nisman had had insufficient evidence and that Christina Fernandez would walk. It is safe to assume that the judicial branch was not spared from corruption, either. For the people of Argentina, the decision was absolutely outrageous. Argentinians had denounced from the start the betrayal of Christina Fernandez, disgusted that a mass murder had been tolerated in exchange for oil. When Alberto Nisman was set to testify before congress, the people viewed him as a sort of hero, a champion of truth in a government plagued by corruption. When Nisman was found dead under suspicious circumstances, Argentinians refused to believe that he had simply committed suicide, and on the one-month anniversary of his death, thousands of people all across Argentina participated in marches and demonstrations. When the case was dismissed by the judge last week, the people of Argentina felt as if their government betrayed them yet again. In general, the government’s legitimacy has plummeted in the eyes of the people. Now, however, another prosecutor has declared that the recent decision was made hastily and requires more deliberation, so the case against President Christina Fernandez will be reviewed. This is definitely a bold position to take, considering what happened to the last persecutor who dared to announce that there is proof against the president. Whatever the case may be, there is new hope after last week’s disappointment that the justice so prized by Alberto Nisman will be realized.

Nelly Dimov


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