Death on Sevenmile Road


The United States has been expediting the militarization of the US-Mexico border. This rise in militant security is mainly in response to the drug wars running rampant throughout our neighbor to the south. To prevent drug smuggling over the border, the government has increased spending on the border patrol providing them with advanced weaponry and technology to create a threatening force intended to both protect the US from an influx of illegal drugs and also to potentially scare people off before they do.

On Oct. 25, 2012, three men were killed when an armed US helicopter targeted a suspicious truck driving along the border in the outskirts of La Joya.The Ford F-150, driven by a 14-year-old from Mexico, contained no drugs or weapons, just nine undocumented men hidden in the cab and bed of the truck. Obviously this did not have a positive effect on US-Hispanic relations, and controversy over the war like techniques now used by the border patrol is growing. This incident begs the age-old question of what is more important-human lives or national security?

Posted by Sophie Terry


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